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Conquering Dystopia


Conquering Dystopia

“Conquering Dystopia”

01. Prelude to Obliteration
02. Tethys
03. Ashes of Lesser Men
04. Doomsday Clock
05. Inexhaustible Savagery
06. Totalitarian Sphere
07. Lachrymose
08. Autarch
09. Nuclear Justice
10. Kufra at Dusk
11. Resurrection in Black
12. Destroyer of Dreams

Line up: Jeff Loomis (Guitar), Keith Merrow (Guitar), Alex Webster (Bass), Alex Rudinger (Drums)

Released: March 10, 2014

Jeff Loomis 'Plains Of Oblivion'

“Plains Of Oblivion” (Century Media)

01. Mercurial (featuring Marty Friedman)
02. The Ultimatum (featuring Tony MacAlpine)
03. Escape Velocity
04. Tragedy and Harmony (featuring Christine Rhoades)
05. Requiem for the Living (featuring Attila Voros)
06. Continuum Drift (featuring Chris Poland)
07. Surrender (featuring Ihsahn)
08. Chosen Time (featuring Christine Rhoades)
09. Rapture
10. Sibylline Origin

Limited Edition:
11. Collide (featuring Christine Rhoades)
12. Reverie for Eternity (featuring Christine Rhoades)

Drums, percussion: Dirk Verbeuren
Bass: Shane Lentz

Released: April 10, 2012 (North America); April 9, 2012 (Europe)
Produced by: Aaron Smith

Jeff Loomis 'Zero Order Phase'

“Zero Order Phase” (Century Media)

01. Shouting Fire at a Funeral
02. Opulent Maelstrom
03. Jato Unit (featuring Ron Jarzombek)
04. Azure Haze
05. Cashmere Shiv (featuring Michael Manring)
06. Race Against Disaster (featuring Pat O’Brien)
07. Sacristy
08. Devil Theory
09. Miles of Machines
10. Departure

Drums, percussion: Mark Arrington

Japanese Bonus Track:
11. Omega’s Influence

Released: September 30, 2008
Produced by: Neil Kernon




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