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Conquering Dystopia debut album teaser video – available on March 10th, 2014! For more information, please visit:

Here is an announcement posted yesterday on guitarist Keith Merrow’s personal Facebook:

“Very excited to let you all know, Jeff Loomis and I have decided that we’ll be doing an album together. We’ve been talking about it for a while, and it just seems right. So, we’ll start writing some new music for that, soon. I’m extremely motivated by the thought of this, and I know that the chemistry between the music…al ideas we have will make for a truly amazing album. Be stoked. I’m stoked!

So, our “jam” today was mostly about this collab, and also practicing for a performance at NAMM together. I know some of you were hoping for a new video, or a a bunch of pics… but, there will be plenty of that in the future. Count on it” – Keith Merrow

Keith Merrrow and Jeff!

For your listening pleasure:

“Reverie For Eternity”





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