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Guitarist Jeff Loomis and effects pedal manufacturer Pro Tone Pedals have joined forces to create an overdrive pedal designed to operate under the highest of gain situations.

The Jeff Loomis Signature Overdrive is an extension of Pro Tone’s flagship pedal – the Dead Horse Overdrive. Assembled by hand in the USA, Jeff’s pedal features custom artwork from “Mister-Sam” Shearon, true hardwire bypass operation, durable construction, and the traditional volume, tone, and gain controls with the addition of abass contour switch. The stand-out feature unique to the Jeff Loomis Overdrive is its bass filtering toggle switch allowing users to select the low frequency response between 339 Hz and 72 Hz. This allows the tone-stack to cover the full frequency range of a typical 7 string guitar rather than the bass cutting sweep found in most overdrives.

The Jeff Loomis Signature Overdrive is a limited edition of only 200, and will be available in 2 colors: Green and Blue… only 100 of each color will be produced. The first 50 orders will come autographed by Jeff.

The Jeff Loomis Limited Edition Overdrive will be available exclusively at for $229 USD. Shipping begins April 6th.

Jeff burst onto the scene with his furious guitar work in the genre blending Nevermore, followed by a string of critically acclaimed solo releases, the instrumental supergroup Conquering Dystopia, and is now currently headlining shows all over the world as the newest addition to the metal juggernaut Arch Enemy.

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Jeff Signature Pedal by Pro Tone Pedals (a)

Jeff Signature Pedal by Pro Tone Pedals (b)

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